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The best Swimming Systems to Swim in your home

Fastlane System

Turn your pool into infinity and take advantage of the benefits of swimming at home

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The Fastlane swim motor can be installed in both new construction pools and existing pools

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EndlessPools Systems Models for your home

All EndlessPools Countercurrent Swimming Systems incorporate world-class patented technology. They provide a continuous current, without turbulence, with 52 different speeds (fully adjustable), an option for both professional swimmers and amateurs, older people or children.

Fastlane Motor

Swimming motor to convert new and existing pools into infinity.

  • For existing pools: Convert your pool and get ready to swim at home.
  • For new pools: Integrate the Fastlane Motor into your new pool.
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Complete Pools

Complete pool + Swimming motor + Side channels + Filtration + Heater

Its modular steel panel construction makes an EndlessPools pool versatile enough to be placed anywhere, even where you wouldn’t think a pool could be placed.

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InsertPool System

Insertpool System price

Choose the pool and add Swimming Motor + Side Channels for greater efficiency

It is a Hybrid between an EndlessPools pool and a Fastlane, the InserPool consists of a Fastlane Motor and the side channels for a greater efficiency of the machine. You can mount the InsertPool System in the pool of your choice.

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Modular pool with steel panels, inner liner liner for small spaces

Ideal for aquatic exercise, toning and rehabilitation therapies. With a depth of water up to the chest and heated, they allow aquatic exercise without impacts, reducing muscle and joint pain.

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Aquatread, Motorized Aquatic Treadmill

Aquatread motorized water treadmill

Install the «Aquatread» motorized treadmill in your new construction pool and enjoy the benefits of running without impact in the water.

It is a safe and beneficial option for people with arthritis and other joint diseases, such as muscular dystrophy, muscular atrophy, and lower extremity injuries.

Speeds between 0.8 km/h and 8.85 km/h.

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